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Memory Archive

Works 1998-2008 Text: Jasper Krabbé, Ralph Keuning Hardback Size: 24 x 30 cm. 328 Pages Illustrations 300 Publisher d'jonge Hond ISBN 10: 9089101136 ISBN 13: 9789089101136 € 49,50

'What happened yesterday and slowly vanishes.' The selection of works in this book reflect the artists memories- often accumulated during travel- of places, events and people. Not as clear images, but in the way memories often present themselves to us; as in a dream, veiled, wothout logic , incomplete and coloured by the moment. Krabbé's process does not necessarily strive towards a preconceived result but can rather be seen as a sublimation of recalled images.In his paintings and small scaled drawings he often uses already existing materials, like enveloppes, packing paper, pages of books or encyclopedias or used cloth.With his practice he mixes the original function of these materials with his personal imagery.