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100 Selfportraits
Jasper Krabbé 100 Zelfportretten

Forword by Rudi Fuchs
Text Wim van der Beek, Jonathan Turner
232 pages.
13 x 20,8 cm.
ISBN 9040082596
Waanders Publishers

€ 39,95

This publication includes an impressive number of self-portraits made by Jasper Krabbé in the period between the summers of 2004 and 2005. The portrait's format has been determined by the measurements of an old bookkeeping book dating from the nineteen fifties with squared and blank pages that the artist found in the south of france in which he added his self-portraits.
Krabbé wanted to explore what a portrait can still be in today's age. He wanted to gauge his changing emotions, capture different moments and find the right tone. The selection in this book shows the diversity of solutions and styles he used. The self-portraits reveal that there is no such thing as a fixed identity, but rather a 'core', a soul that is unchangeable.