Jasper Krabbé

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Closer to You

Text: Jonathan Turner
Pietje Tegenbosch Hardback
Size: 26,5 x 31 cm.
272 Pages
Illustrations: 180
Publisher: WBooks
ISBN: 9789089102805 
€ 69,95

This book which includes 180 portraits, illustrates Krabbé's desire to get closer to the identity of his muse and wife Floor. A selection of works illustrate a wide diversity of options for creating contemporary portraits as well as a variety of techniques on paper. Krabbé particular likes to work on ‘used' backgrounds such as pieces of cardboard, envelopes and packaging materials. All the works are presented in found frames, many of which are antique. The series of portraits range from watercolours to detailed studies in ink, and from detailed portraits to simple line drawings. The works contain countless references to portrait art but also to street art and film posters. Furthermore, the frailty and transience of life form a recurrent theme in Krabbé's work. In close proximity to his muse, he has recorded moments in time that would otherwise have been lost. In the portraits, we see Floor taking a nap in the car, staring into space or standing in a shop. On viewing these works, one feels almost a part of these daily, sometimes profound moments.